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EcoEnterprises Fund’s first fund under management, Fondo EcoEmpresas, S.A. invested in 20+ first-movers and market builders, offering a wide range of novel products: from organic shrimp to organic spices, FSC-certified furniture to biodynamic flowers, and acai juice smoothies. All investments were exited. EcoEnterprises Partners II, LP, built on the first fund’s trajectory, scaling winning sustainable businesses that are iconic examples for high impact businesses in Latin America. Fund II is fully invested and in the process exiting investments. EcoEnterprises Partners III, LP, showcases the Fund’s commitment to taking impact investing to the next level. Fund III continues to lead the way in creating sustainable markets and inclusive value chains.

Illustrative Investments

Terrafertil Nature's Heart

Terrafertil is a pioneer purveyor of high-quality organic dried fruits such as goldenberries, healthy snack packages and beverages, including juices, teas and almond milk that are marketed to regional and global retail customers. The company is an example of best-practice sustainable business methods in the region, reflected in its organic practices, its international certifications, and its focus on forging strong small producer ties in Colombia and Ecuador with significant social and environmental impacts.

Visit Terrafertil's website.


Sambazon is a leader in organic, wild-harvested açaí and other super-fruits grown in the Brazilian Amazon, which it sources and processes in partnership with local communities. Its fair trade food and beverage products are marketed to retail and industrial customers in the US, Brazil and Asia and have helped preserve millions of acres of rainforest, while bringing positive change to thousands of smallholders and uncompromised nutrition to millions of clients.

Visit Sambazon's website.

Rainforest Expeditions

Rainforest Expeditions is a pioneer in the Latin American ecotourism industry that has provided cultural and educational wildlife experience for clients in the Peruvian Amazon for over 20 years. Working in close cooperation with the Infierno community, the company plays a pivotal role in conserving the pristine tropical rainforest along the Tambopata River, a tributary of the Amazon by facilitating sustainable income streams for the indigenous communities that live in it and making conservation a competitive alternative to unsustainable economic uses of local natural resources.

Visit Rainforest Expeditons' website.

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